Tis the season to be jolly

April 29, 2016

Hi everyone!

Downloaded from Hidefia.com | Only High Quality HD Wallpapers

Downloaded from Hidefia.com | Only High Quality HD Wallpapers

Okay, I know you may be thinking, “It’s not December why is her title Tis the season to be jolly? Christmas is not even around the corner“. However, the final count down before spring semester 2016 is over starts now! In which, spring semester coming to an end is a holiday within itself. The day we finish our last final or for some of you the day you graduate
can be considered as “Christmas Day”. And the long summer that fallows suit can be consider as our gift. Okay, to move forward from my weird Christmas comparison I wanted to congratulate the students in our class who are graduating.  “I wish you guys the best of luck on your present and future endeavors”.  As for the students who have a one or a couple more of semesters to go, hang in there we can get through this and all the sleepless nights will be worth it in the end (Cheesy I know).

Upon reflecting, what I have learned and have become comfortable with through this course is categorized below:

 WordPress & VLog

Prior to this class I had used WordPress (WP) before in my Business of Economics in Literature course. In which, finding out that WordPress was going to be our main platform for posting assignments I was quite excited. I know some of you may have a love/hate relationship and may otherwise hate WP. However, WP is a fun alternative to posting and commenting on written work from one another. I think classes that push and encourage new platforms of not just technology but new methods of learning are the ones we learn most from. Now some of you may never use WP again and that is totally fine but just knowing how to navigate through this website or being able to assimilate to a new technological platform can be quite essential. It may seem silly but I have seen numerous people who are resistant to using websites that are new to them or even platforms that are essentially second nature such as, email.

Even though WP was familiar to me, video blogging was an entirely new experience. Especially because I don’t use Skype or Face time to communicate with people. Vlogging presented its own issues such as, uploading errors and sound defects. However, I found Vlogging to be beneficial in that after each video and video comments my confidence level boosted with using this type of platform.

Interdisciplinary Projects

pencil-and-paper-clip-art-free-clipart-imagesAlthough we all have came to the conclusion that everything is interdisciplinary and that almost anything can be tied into different disciplines, I found these projects to be interesting. First off, I am a business major with a marketing option thus, topics I usually cover in papers are having to do with branding, consumers’ behaviors, business operation etc. Don’t get me wrong I love covering topics like those but in this course I was able to explore any topic I wanted among any 3 disciplines I wanted. I haven’t been able to do such a thing since English 105 but even then we had to pick a topic within a class theme. Even though my personal inquiry project about health care, in my opinion was not convincingly applied among all 3 disciplines I learned from it. In which, I reviewed my paper and assessed myself on what I needed to improve when creating the group inquiry paper. Also, I had discovered my interest for health care was not as strong as I though it was, therefore it became a task to keep writing about a topic I no longer was excited about (Even though I am not sure anyone truly has an interest for for health insurance). Therefore, when collaborating and writing my group inquiry project I found it to be essential that me and my partner found a topic we were truly interested in. In which, after changing our topic several times we reverted back to a topic that had caught our interest from the beginning.

Okay, so I have officially exceeded the word count a little more than I should of. Therefore, it is time to bring this post to a close. I just want to say Thank You to all of you who were active participants in responding back to my material and giving me feed back. I wish all of you the best! 🙂   


Relief & Contemplation

April 19

Hi everyone,

smiley1Hope you guys are having a good week and even more so now that our group inquiry paper has been completed! (Whoop whoop!) Please comment and let me know what you guys did your project on, I am curious and interested. Overall, I feel pretty good about me and my partner’s paper. More confident than I felt for my personal inquiry project that’s fer sure. Do you guys remember the reflection we completed after submitting our personal inquiry project? Well in my reflection I had stated that I should have went more in depth in analyzing my topic within the lenses I chose. I might of worded it differently but my statement was along those lines. However, when writing our group inquiry project I wanted to avoid feeling like I should have done better. There is always areas of improvement but this time around my partner and I established sub categories within our actual interdisciplinary lenses. Establishing subcategories encouraged us to further discuss our topic in each discipline. As stated in my last post our three disciplines were health science, communication, and sociology. In which, are subcategories comprised of Oxytocin, communicative clarity, affections/ nurturance, and environments “baby talk” is prone to be used in such as, hospitals. Since, we will be discussing our topic through our poster presentation, I am going to stop myself from going into detail of the technicalities behind our paper to avoid redundancy of what you guys will hear in our presentation.

To that end, I want to discuss a current interdisciplinary dilemma I am going through. In my last post I mentioned I was currently working on a presentation for my MKT 442 class also known as Psychology of Judgement Decision making. In which, my presentation covered prospect theory and some of the underling factors behind prospect theory. The underlying factors my group and I discussed in our presentation were loss aversion, framing, and endowment effect. However, we applied these factors to the use of marketing. We did this comparison by showing two different commercial ads that were essentially asking the same thing (animal shelter donations) yet they each framed their add differently. One portrayed animals as being sad, hurt, and neglected while the other only captured happy healthy animals. We then compared the endowment effect to how companies offer free trials of their products and or services. For those of you  who may not know the endowment effect occurs when we grow fonder of a product or service the longer we acquire it. For example, Netflix offers a 1 month free trail, they do this so the consumer can start to embed their service in their routine. Once they are hooked it conveniently  is the time their subscription is going to expire. What does the consumer do? Well by nature since we do not like the feeling of losing, the consumer is most like going to subscribe to the service.But now onto the dilemma I am currently dealing with, my group and I are going to discuss what we presented in class in our paper. However, to yield 15 to 20 pages we need another angle that will connect prospect theory and marketing together. So currently what we are going to discuss further in our paper is under debate.

Well that is enough of my interdisciplinary discussion for now, hope you guys have a good rest of the week!

To Gamble Or Not To Gamble…

April 5, 2016

Hi everyone,

Hope you had an awesome spring break, even though I am sure the homework load from all your courses kept you busy. Or maybe not? Just as a status update, I know in my last post I stated that my group partner and I changed our initial topic of “baby talk” to adverse effects of caffeine. However, we decided to revert back to our initial topic but this time address it from a different angle. In which, we now are examining the use of “baby talk” not only with children but with the elderly and in intimate relationships. Nevertheless, in sake of not being repetitive and not overlapping with what I discussed in my vlog, I will spare you guys the technicalities behind our group inquiry project.

Prospect theory. Digital image. Innovation Management Se. InnovationManagement.se., n.d. Web. 5 Apr. 2016. .

Prospect theory. Digital image. Innovation Management Se. InnovationManagement.se., n.d. Web. 5 Apr. 2016.

However, I do want to discuss the current interdisciplinary dilemma I am going through right now. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I am currently taking Marketing 442 which is the psychology of judgment decision making. One of the course assignments that is required in this class is a group paper accompanied by a group presentation. In which, I do not mind doing papers or presentations at all. However, when the subject matter is not the funnest of concepts then it is challenging. My group’s topic is prospect theory. If you guys do not know what prospect theory is, you don’t want to know. No, just kidding prospect theory  in short, is an economic theory that illustrates the outcomes of choices associated with risk. For example, I win $100 at a casino with $1 I used to play, but I decide to continue to gamble with that $100 . In which, I have a choice to either cash it in or to continue to gamble with it. My risk associated with my choice is if I decide to continue to play with that $100 I may lose it all. In which, prospect theory measure these outcomes in gains and losses. However, we tend to put more value in loses then in gains. For instance, I end up gambling the $100 and lose it. But in another game I win $50 in which I have gained half my money back. However, I weigh the lost of losing $100 more then winning $50. You guys may be like, “well yea $100 is more than $50”, but whether it be $50 or $100 I am better off then what I was with my $1 initially. Therefore, the current dilemma my marketing group and I are going through is illustrating how prospect theory relates to marketing.

Okay, well that is for now with my interdisciplinary adventures. Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!




March 16, 2016
Decisions. Digital image. Oynx Truth. Oynx Truth, 2016. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. .

Decisions. Digital image. Oynx Truth. Oynx Truth, 2016. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. <http://www.onyxtruth.com/2014/12/31/decisions/>.

Hi everyone,

Hope your week is off to a good start! In my last post I had mentioned how my group and I arrived at our group inquiry topic. However, if  you were not able to read my last post and have no idea what I am talking about,  it is okay I will fill you in 🙂

Our group had initially decided to research the topic of “baby talk”. In which, we arrived at this topic by first being interested in why parents refer to their children as food. For example when parents say, ” You are so cute I just want to eat you” or ” your cheeks are so chubby I just want to bite them”. As we discussed this topic further we had decided, “yes this topic sounds cool and interesting”.  However, even though we were able to find three interdisciplinary lenses to examine this topic through we could not find a valid issue to resolve. Therefore, we switched our topic to the use of “baby talk” (also know as nurturing talk) and how this affects a child’s speech development. In which, we wanted to focus the development of child’s speech from infancy to the age of five.We had planned on examining this topic through the following interdisciplinary lenses, health science, psychology and sociology.  Through these lenses we were going to analyze the hormone that triggers women to nurture their children by using “baby talk”, the psychology behind why people are inclined to talk their child as a “baby”, and lastly how does “baby talk” impact a child’s social  behavior and their speech development.

This topic was a great idea however, after researching the topic our search was yielding limited information. This past Monday, we began discussing our topic more in which, it then evolved into another topic. During our search for the use of “baby talk” we kept on finding results about the use of “baby talk” being used in nursing homes for the elderly. We then found an article of nurturing talk being used in relationships. In which, we decided, “okay maybe we can discuss the use of baby talk in these two scenarios”. However, we again came across the hurdle of not being able to find source available on CI’s databases.

Chemical extraction of caffeine. Digital image. Hielscher – Ultrasound Technology. Hielscher Ultrasonics Gmbh, 2016. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. .

Chemical extraction of caffeine. Digital image. Hielscher – Ultrasound Technology. Hielscher Ultrasonics Gmbh, 2016. Web. 16 Mar. 2016. <https://www.hielscher.com/ultrasonic-extraction-of-caffeine-and-other-active-compounds.htm>.

We then started to reassess our ideas and based off of our own lives, we started to think about the consumption of caffeine. We know the side effects of caffeine have been discussed before. However, we hope to bring light to the topic by examining the consumption of caffeine within the 3 interdisciplinary lenses of our choice. The following lenses we plan on examining them through is health science, history, and sociology. Within health science we want to explore the effects caffeine has on the body, and through history we want to examine the traces of how caffeine was used back then. Lastly through sociology we want to explore how caffeine has been intertwined into our everyday lives. We would appreciate any feedback you guys have on these topics as well as your opinion of which one you think seems better?

Thank you and i’ll see you guys next week!


So it continues…

March 08, 2016

Hello all! 🙂

Reasons why I am currently alive. Digital image. Pinterest. Vendified Vending Services, n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2016. .

Reasons why I am currently alive. Digital image. Pinterest. Vendified Vending Services, n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2016. <https://www.pinterest.com/pin/353884483193239954/>.

As my title suggests the semester continues to roll on however, spring break is quickly approaching us. (Hallelujah!) Also, the semester is half way done which means another academic year will be put down in the books or for some of you it’ll be the end but a new beginning. I’m not sure about you guys but the semester seems to be going by fast as spring semester always does for me. Even though I have gotten into the swing of things, there seems to be no medium on catching a break. I don’t know why I am so surprised though, this seems to occur every semester. I know all of you feel the same way or at least similar where you turn in one assignment just to turn in the next, chug coffee or tea just to make it through the day, but all you want to do is watch Netflix or read your favorite books (#strugglesofacollegestudent).

Well, enough of my rambling onto the good stuff. In my last post, I shared my excitement of turning in the personal inquiry project, but I did not do much reflecting on it. I know I had previously stated, it was challenging yet beneficial. In which, I think my statement stills holds true being that the group inquiry project is the same thing but now the work is being shared as well as the exchange of ideas. The exposure of the first project allowed us to get a handle on the process of doing research and creating a paper that analyze a topic within 3 different lenses. Even though group projects may present challenges having this exposure makes collaborating on the paper easier in my opinion.

However, now that we are onto the group inquiry project I think it is going to be interesting. The topic my group and I chose is parents using “baby talk” to

Why does your voice change everytime you talk to me. Digital image. Mamamia. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2016. .

Why does your voice change everytime you talk to me. Digital image. Mamamia. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2016. <http://www.mamamia.com.au/dear-women-who-talk-like-babies-just-dont/>.

communicate with their children and the effects this has on their child’s development. We want to examine these effects within a health science, psychology and sociology lens. The age range we are using as our starting point is infancy to 5 years old. Nonetheless as we continue to research, the interdisciplinary lenses and or the age range may change depending on the research we are able to find. What initially sparked our interest in this topic was an article that discussed the science behind some people referring to babies as food. For example, when parents tell their babies, ” You are so cute I just want to eat you” or “Your cheeks are so chubby I just want to bite them”. However, we were unable to find an issue with this type of communication. Therefore, we switched over to how parents use “baby talk” and how this can affect a child’s development such as, the development of their speech and if this has relevance to delaying their speech. Well that is it for now, I hope you guys have a good rest of the week!


Slowly but Surely

February 28, 2016

Hello fellow classmates!

Super excited emoticon. Digital image. Pinterest. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Feb. 1994. <https://www.pinterest.com/pin/224757837628351440/>.

Super excited emoticon. Digital image. Pinterest. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Feb. 1994. <https://www.pinterest.com/pin/224757837628351440/>.

First thing first, as I imagine you will be reading this after Tuesday March 1, I want to say congratulations on getting your personal inquiry project done! While the personal inquiry project presented many challenges such as, finding sources on the CI databases and choosing three interdisciplinary lenses to discuss our topic within. This project simultaneously encouraged me to be more confident when writing academically and less resistant when tackling projects as such in the future. I hope the same goes for you as well that, despite this project’s challenges you feel more confident as the end result.

Second note as we begin the sixth week I have finally developed a routine on getting use to all my course work not just for this class but all my classes. Better late than never right? For some reason adjusting to this semester’s workload seemed a lot more difficult than the past semesters. Between balancing five classes, my job and my cupcake/cakepop business I realized I can’t be so hard on myself and in the end I will get through it no matter what. Cheesy I know, but if that is what I have to tell myself to get me through the day I am for it.

ONLY CONNECT: INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES. Digital image. Spinedu. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Feb. 2016. .

ONLY CONNECT: INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES. Digital image. Spinedu. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Feb. 2016. <http://www.spinedu.com/connect-interdisciplinary-studies/#.VtUMvPkrLVY>.

Lastly but not least, I wanted to discuss an interdisciplinary experience I am currently going through in addition to this one. Currently, I am taking Marketing 442 which is psychology of decision making. While I hate to turn this into a class promotion spiel I highly recommend this class if you’re a psych, business major, and or interested in marketing. Now, that I made that statement onto my point. MKT 442 being a multiple discipline class draws knowledge from both the fields of psychology and marketing. As someone who is interested in marketing I find learning about why people are motivated to make the decisions they do fascinating. MKT 442 as well as other marketing classes I have taken such as, consumer behavior use psychological explanations and theories to sum up why this is so. For example, which do you think occurs more shark or pet hamster attacks? If you chose shark attacks you are wrong and can blame this on the availability heuristic and bias. For those of you who may not know what a heuristic is, a heuristic can be described as a mental shortcut. In which according to the availability heuristic we tend to draw conclusions based on the information that is readily available to us. Therefore your automatic response was to choose shark attacks because they are covered more in the news then hamster attacks. However, basing your decision solely on what you hear more often may lead you to error and this why availability is also considered a bias. Now you may be thinking how does this apply to marketing? However, as consumers we tend to purchase products, and or services based on referral and publicity. In other words we also purchase goods and services based on the information readily available to us. Therefore this class is exemplifying how these two disciplines go hand in hand with each other. For this reason I have developed an ongoing appreciation for psychology because it has gave me a better understanding of the field I am interested in. While that’s enough of my ranting for now, thank you for reading and I will see you all in class!


Business Mind in an Interdisciplinary World

February 09, 2016

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image (2)Hi my name is Ruby Ortega and I am perusing a Bachelors of Science degree in Business and an Option in Marketing. I am a fourth year student here at CSU Channel Islands who will be graduating in the Spring of 2017. Even though I have one more year left looking back at the past 4 academic years seems so surreal, and I can’t help but be excited for what has yet to come.

Before I dive into my college endeavors I can’t bypass my true passion and what inspired me to pursue a Business degree in the first place, baking. As a child, I would sit and watch my mother create elaborate cakes for hours and before I knew it I was the one mixing all the ingredients together. After that I hadn’t put much thought into the idea of baking as a career, but then I was asked the questions, ” what do you want to major in and what are you gonna do after you get your degree”? At age 16 I went with what I knew best and that was to become an owner of my very own cupcake bakery. And as an aspiring entrepreneur wanting to open my own cupcake bakery majoring in Business was a given. At this point I am sure you can guess what my answers were to those questions.image (3)

Then age 18 came and the idea of majoring in business started to feel more like reality when I confirmed my acceptance to CSU Channel Islands. My experience here has been very unique and I am not just saying that because I go here but because it is true. I have been fortunate to have had Business classes that have taken traditional approaches on teaching and have altered them in an interdisciplinary manner. For example I took MKT 311 in which, was Consumer behavior. This course explored the world of marketing but also included the field of psychology and how different types of psychology were utilized to research consumers shopping habits and  preferences. This class was very interesting because it put into perspective how an entirely different field from business such as, psychology could translate into the business world. Another course I took that explored three fields at once was BUS 340 which was Business & Economics in Literature. This particular class was very unique in that the chosen texts for this course were playwrights. Now I know you may be thinking how does performing arts translate into  business  and economics? Well these playwrights were written around stories that focused on sensitive business and economic issues such as the poverty and unemployment rate  in the U.S and the housing market crisis. One project that I really enjoyed in BUS 340 was when we had to take on the role of being a marketing consultant advertising two plays. In which, we had to compose a marketing plan that compromised of promotion ideas, allocation of costs, lists  of real companies and third parties we would utilize to execute our marketing plan.

With this being said I am familiar exploring subjects or a selected topic among multiple disciplines. Researching topics in an interdisciplinary manner  do pose its challenges such as learning new terminology and concepts but at the same time it raises my appreciation for other majors. As well as makes me realize how intertwined different disciplines actually are.